Cultural Competence 5: Cultural Mediation for Interpreters

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Course description:  A crystal-clear introduction to a complex challenge: how interpreters can perform cultural mediation that is both sensitive and respectful—and supports communicative autonomy.

Course length:  1.5 hours  


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Learning objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define culture, cultural competence and cultural responsiveness.

  • Make a decision about if and when to perform cultural mediation based on the three criteria of safety, communicative autonomy and clear communication.


 What you will get:

  • Your video host: Daniel Sanchez

  • 9 interactive exercises, including a role play in 9 language pairs, a self-assessment for that role play and 5 scenarios to help interpreters decide whether or not to perform cultural mediation.

  • Practical advice about what to do when cultural misunderstandings arise.

  • A helpful overview of “culturally responsive” mediation

  • Clear guidance on how to avoid cultural incompetence as an interpreter.

  • Sections from The Community Interpreter®: An International Textbook and The Medical Interpreter: A Foundation Textbook for Medical Interpreting

  • Course completion certificate

 How this lesson will improve your practice:

You will:

  • Know how to perform culturally responsive cultural mediation.

  • Find it much easier to decide if, and when, you should perform cultural mediation.

  • See how you, as an interpreter, can perform cultural mediation and still support communicative autonomy.

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