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Blue Horizon & CCC


Blue Horizon is the online training division of Cross-Cultural Communications, LLC (CCC), the U.S. national leader for medical and community interpreter training programs.  

Established in 2001, CCC is the only interpreter training organization in the world to have licensed more than 330 trainers for its programs. Our trainers are licensed in 38 U.S. states, Washington, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico and six other countries.  

CCC’s publishing imprint, Culture & Language Press, is the national publisher for textbooks and training manuals for interpreters. Our books have been sold in nearly 30 countries and all 50 U.S. states.

The Community Interpreter® is the world’s leading entry-level 40- to 60-hour training program for community interpreting. Its textbook is the world’s only comprehensive textbook for this field.

Community interpreting facilitates access to community services for individuals who do not speak the language of service. This interpreting specialization covers medical, educational and social services settings.

The medical edition of The Community Interpreter® is The Medical Interpreter. Its textbook is a gorgeous, full-color publication that focuses on the U.S. healthcare system.

Only Blue Horizon is authorized to provide The Community Interpreter® Online and The Medical Interpreter Online.