Our History

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Back in 2001, community interpreting was a relatively unknown field.

That’s when Marjory Bancroft founded Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC). Big dreams, small pockets. Soon CCC delivered face-to-face training for community and medical interpreting in several states, then across the country.

But the need for a 40-hour training program for community interpreters grew acute. For medical interpreting but also educational, social services, refugee, legal and general interpreting.

Another need: effective training for bilingual staff who interpret.

In April 2004, CCC launched The Community Interpreter®. A few months later, CCC debuted its Training of Trainers at a Florida hospital, licensing 15 trainers for “TCI.” 

Fast forward: The Community Interpreter® (TCI) has become the most widely-taught entry-level program for medical and community interpreters in the world. Check out CCC’s amazing trainer team—and licensed trainers!

Soon other CCC programs spread across the country. But by 2019, there was an urgent need for quality online interpreter training.

Enter Blue Horizon—the online training division of CCC. Welcome!


Why Blue Horizon


Take a peek inside our online training!


The world has moved swiftly from face-to-face training into an online universe. In-person classrooms are still needed, but the ability to get training online is now an absolute necessity—especially for interpreters who lack easy access to face-to-face training and organizations who need to train bilingual staff quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, while the demand for online training is high, most quality doesn’t match the demand. Blue Horizon is CCC’s answer to that need. After all—CCC is famous for its uncompromising commitment to quality.

Come for the best online interpreter training on the market today. Launch your dream. Build your career.