The Community Interpreter®


The Community Interpreter® (TCI) is the most widely-taught entry-level program in the world for medical and community interpreters. Most of our 330+ licensed trainers teach TCI®, and about half of them teach its medical edition, The Medical Interpreter.  

The Community Interpreter® and The Medical Interpreter are taught primarily to spoken language interpreters but also to sign language interpreters.

Only Blue Horizon is authorized to provide The Community Interpreter® Online and The Medical Interpreter Online.

The first edition of The Community Interpreter® and its textbook came out in 2004. Both are in their sixth edition. They support a 40- to 60-hour foundation program for medical, educational and social services interpreters.

The Medical Interpreter textbook has a companion handbook: Medical Terminology for Interpreters

The Community Interpreter® promotes national ethics and standards of practice in the field and can prepare interpreters to take national medical interpreter certification. The course covers ethics and conduct, basic skills (from pre-session to post-session), positioning and terminology, modes of interpreting, steps for sight translation, strategies for intervention, cultural mediation, and other vital skills and topics.

This program is the beating heart of Blue Horizon and its parent company, Cross-Cultural Communications. It is so important to us that The Community Interpreter® even has its own website with resources for beginning and experienced interpreters.